Melting, I'm mellllllllllllttttinnnnnggggggg!

That is what I said all day until about 1:30.  You see my neighbours went to work today and left the heat on.  And as I discovered when I went outside to check my leaky window-well, they also left their air-conditioner on.  So guess what happened??? The heat was on constantly between 8-1:30. And my apartment turned into a sauna. It got so hot in here that I had to shut off the computer. I had to shut off all the lights. Piper and I were useless and sat on the floor, it's ceramic tiles and therefore cool. She panted and didn't move. I attempted to take notes on paper (I KNOW, but I couldn't keep the computer on) and drink lots of water.  Eventually it cooled down. 

On the bright side, the greenhouse temperature inside resulted in my tulips opening and kicking off scent. And the lily of the valley was being fragrant as well. How is it that such tiny flowers are so fragrant??? 

When landlord comes to look at window must bug him again about moving the thermostat out of their apartment and into a common area. sigh