Honey, Honey! Ohhh Sugar, Sugar!

Do you ever see yourself buying something and then wonder if you've gone off the deep-end of foodiness? I had such a thought a number of weeks ago when I suddenly found myself shelling out $14 for a bottle of lavendar honey imported from France (more specifically, Provence).

But I have to tell you, BEST DAMN HONEY EVER. Well in terms of a solid honey anyway. It's pale and creamy looking, sort of the colour buttermilk. It's smooth. It's delicious. It's perfect. It's worth every single penny that I paid for it.

At some point I'm going to go back and buy some yummy runny honey from New Zealand that I liked. But I'm going to try proceed with caution. Everytime I go to the Honey Guy (that's what I call him) at the St. Lawrence Market I end up sampling at least 6 different kinds of honey (and quite often more than that) and getting a sample of honeycomb. All very tasty but I get the biggest sugar rush. And I'm the person who can eat a crateful of candy without and obvious sugarhigh.

Mmmmmmm honey.