Early in the day on Saturday I made an unexpected trip to La Vie en Rose. I was in the mall and figured I'd go look. 

Little did i know that i was leaving with two pairs of the most comfortable underwear ever! And I desperately want to be able to link you all to them and hook you up but they don't seem to be on the La Vie en Rose website.  *gasp*

So those of you near a La Vie en Rose go now.  Go directly to the 3 for $15 table (I did buy three pairs of underwear but only two of these). They are the seamless low-rise boyshorts. I just checked the tag and they are 90% nylon and 10% elastic. They are THE BEST. I swear it doesn't even feel as if I am wearing underwear. Honestly they are so comfy.  And you know me...I would never lead you astray when it comes to underwear!

I must pick up some more pairs of these this weekend...