Oh for a home cooked meal…

Last weekend I was sick. This weekend I've been busy working and I've been busy with work and other stuff in the evenings last week. I would just about KILL for a homecooked meal. There's been a lot of take out (most of it tasty) and a lot of eating from my pantry. But my fridge is *bare*.

I seriously need to go shopping for groceries. But first I need time to shop for groceries. And time to cook them. I was supposed to take this weekend to take stock of what I have and do some serious food planning. But I had to work most of the weekend.

Does it sound like I'm whining about work? Well I am! Work sucked this week. I'm really looking forward to next week. It's only 4 days (or depending on how things go I might take an extra day make it only three days!).

I think I'd kill someone for mashed potatoes right about now.

Not cooking tonight. Going out for Mikey's birthday dinner. :) Yay Mikey!