Cranky, tired or something

I don't know what I am right now other than tired and irritable. That seems to be my normal state these days though so I don't know why it's bothering me. I probably shouldn't be looking at news headlines but you know, there are there in my RSS feeds and some delivered to my in-box.

I seriously need to start ignoring the articles about the seal hunt. This is my take on this - the people actively protesting and in the news have too much money and time on their hands. The hunters are mostly people who live in relatively isolated communities who depend on seasonal work to earn then what money they can and then spend a large part of the year surviving on EI benefits. No, not because they are lazy, uneducated slobs as some people have indicate but because THERE ARE NO OTHER JOBS in their communities. Trying to make a living off the sea is DAMNED hard, whether you are a seal hunter or a cod fisherman or a factory worker. And I still say if the seal cubs weren't cute no one would give a damn. What about the lobsters? I don't see anyone standing up for them despite the fact that they are routinely placed on a spike and ripped in half while still alive so that the raw tail can be exported to places like Japan. And when the factory worker go to clean out the tails and get them ready for shipment the damned things are still moving in their hands because the nervous systems haven't entirely shut down yet. But no one is standing up for the lobsters are they? No. Because they aren't cute and cuddly looking and people like to eat them.

In my in-box today I got the latest edition of the McGill Tribune. SACOMSS (Sexual Assault Centre of McGill Students' Society) has been kicked out of their office space again. It seems that McGill keeps trying to stonewall this organization. They keep losing funding and whether or not their hotline will still be able to function is in question (again). According to the university there are other forms of support available - such as mental health services (only available 9-5 and since when is sexual assault solely a mental health issue) and campus security (what if it happens off campus? What if the student lives in say Verdun or NDG or the East End???). Bullshit if you ask me. *ALL* university campuses should have a 24 hour sexual assault hotline. End of story. And campus security? Give me a break. Only a very small percentage of McGill students live "on campus". I say "on campus" because the majority of university housing isn't really what you'd call being on campus. You know what makes this even sadder - McGill actually has a female principal.

Yes, I'm a bitchy, cranky monkey today.