I heard back from one of the organizers of the DownHome Show.  It was an incredibly unprofessional letter, littered with profanities (not directed a me but had it been sent to my work addy it never would have made it through our language filter) and excuses.  I have not yet figured out how I plan to respond to it but I have passed it out among some of my friends for consultation.  Oh, aside from writing to the organizers I also wrote to Mayor Miller.  He has a message on the website so I figured he was fair game.  I honestly don't know what to do at this point.  I just know that I'm not done.  I'm going to sit on it for 24 hours

In the meantime I'm working out my frustration with the situation by cleaning and moving furniture. I've rearranged my "office".  I'm not sure yet what I think of it but I do think I like it...maybe.... It still requires substantial decluttering.  So much paper! Where does all the paper come from??? And why am I such a cluttered person? I'm sure psychologists have theories on this right?

I went for a walk earlier. Sunny out but brrr the wind is chilly. I had thought that I would wander along the boardwalk but I really would have needed a coat.  So I went to the butcher and bought stuff for supper.  Not matter when I go there it's crowded.  And a kid stepped on my feet and kept bumping me with his bicycle helmet. Sigh.  And apparently I'm not a nice person because I didn't gush over the kid and go on and on about how it was fine.  I merely said it was fine and then ignored them. Apparently I should have let them go in front of me because that's what the person behind me did.  I'm sorry but I don't have to like your kid and be nice to you because your kid is annoying me. Deal with it.  And for the record the mommies can prove that I'm quite able to get alone with children.  The little redhead and I have had a perfectly fine time puddle-jumping so there. hmph!

Sigh...I'm tempted to keep rambling about stuff so that I don't have to face the clutter and the mess I created by moving stuff around.  I wonder if I can just ignore it and curl up with the copy of Food & Drink that I picked up at the LCBO today.