penelopiad margaret atwoodPeople are going to hate me but my reaction to Margaret Atwood's Penelopiad is this - meh. That's all.

I like the idea of this book and there were points where I found it quite amusing. But I didn't really like Penelope and the maids, whom I'm supposed to feel sorry for, annoyed me. There were moments of amusement but over all, meh.

But then, that's my issue with Atwood. I find her to be a very interesting person from what I've witnessed at public events. And when she reads from her books I enjoy them. But when I read them - meh. I get what makes her a good writer, I just don't find what she writes particularly enjoyable.

And now I really want to read fluff but The Boys is due back at the library on Friday and it's supposed to be really good. I hope so. I feel like I'm in a reading funk right now and I'm not overly happy with anything that I'm reading.