The one where I contradict myself…

So yeah, you've all heard me mention that things in my house were almost always made from scratch.  We had one big exception. 

Cake mixes.  And as I sit here a cake made from a box is in the oven baking.  (I'm a bit nervous, my oven tends to cook things faster and brown things more than suggested baking times. I've checked it out with an oven thermometer and it seems to be fine though...I kinda miss my digital oven...).

Now we also did make cakes from scratch. I have fond memories of a truly kick-butt white layer cake with homemade lemon curd filling and 7 minute frosting that I made when I was about 12.  I'm still searching for that recipe. It was in one of the books that has a white cover but I can't find it on my mother's bookshelf and haven't been able to for years. I think it might be at my sister's place and I just may have to raid her bookshelves the next time I go home. That was some very tasty lemon filling.

But mostly we made cakes from a mix. And on the rare occasions I make a cake I tend to make it from a mix.  More often than not I just simply don't have all the ingredients on hand for a cake. 

So the other day when I was at the grocery store I picked up a Duncan Hines Signature Dessert - the Orange Dreamsicle one (you may have noticed that I have a thing for citrusy things).  These have intrigued me since they first came out.  A bit more work than your standard cake from a box but they look so tasty. So I picked one up one whim (I seem to be doing a lot of whimming the last few days).  I was supposed to make it yesterday but I was all distracted by the whim of moving my blogs.  I wasn't going to make it tonight because I was feeling lazy but I'm craving cake.  I like cake. 

So after it comes out of the oven I need to let it cool on the rack for 15 minutes. Then I get to make the "syrup" which gets poured over the layers.  Then I get to make the frosting. And then I can assemble the whole thing and frost it.  I must say it's time like these I'm glad I don't have a camera.  My cakes rarely look pretty. ;-)

And THEN I get to eat cake! (And tomorrow morning - cake for breakfast!)

Who knows...if this turns out maybe I'll be tempted to buy the ingredients for margarita cake...