Yet another book is going back to the library unfinished and one book is going unopened. I haven't finished Story House and I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to put it back on my reserve list. I'm just over 100 pages in and while I am finding it interesting, I'm not really dying to find out what's going to happen and I'd be perfectly happy not knowing. I guess that doesn't say much for something that is #2 on the Maclean's bestsellers list, eh?

The book going back unopened is Pay it Down: from debt to wealth on $10 a day. I think I might be a bit burned out on personal finance planning books at the moment anyway. Although I still kind of enjoy reading them. I think they put me back in study/academic mode. I mean, I still learn from other books but personal finance books tend to really lay it out there. They say, "You're doing to read this and then you'll know how to do something." I find that kind of comforting. lol

I'll be returning 8 items and leaving with 7, which isn't too bad except 3 of the items I'm returning are magazines and I'm taking out all books. ;-)