I have a bigger problem than the beets…

The veggies are here! The veggies are here!

It's kinda funny. I just got a rubbermaid container of veggies delivered to me. lol It strikes me as funny.

But I realized that I have a bigger problem than beets. Among this week's stash was a potted basil plant. Ummm I have a black thumb. I've been know to kill a cactus or 2 (or um 3...) in my time. How the heck am I going to remember/manage to keep a basil plant alive??? I've put it the sunniest of my unsunny windows. Unfortuanately that means i can't see it. Maybe we ought to start taking bets on how long before the Monkey kills the Basil???

Oh and the baby bokchoy is adorable. :)