The Canadian Student Financial Survival Guide

canadian student financial survival guideI didn't really like The Canadian Student Financial Survival Guide. But I really didn't expect to like this book so it's not a surprise at all.

My first issue is that I can't figure out who they are really trying to market it to - as in what age. From their plan on saving it's something you ought to read at least a year before going to school (probably more if possible) but at the rate tuition is rising it's really darned hard to figure out how much money you'll need for basic tuition. Not that their saving advice is bad. It's good to have savings before you start school. Mind you, they'll get eaten away pretty fast once you start...

Second issue - they talk about how it's ideal to have money coming in on a weekly basis and do a weekly budget as opposed to getting money in lump sums or "boosts". While I don't really disagree with them (budgeting lump sums over a semester is *hard*) I'm willing to bet that most of the students who would be interested in this book are not people who have a steady source of money. I'd be willing to bet that most of the readers would be relying on student loans and scholarships, both of which tend to come in lump sums! Part-time jobs can be a source of weekly or biweekly income and they do talk about them but it can be difficult to maintain a working and studying schedule (I know, I had three part-time the same time).

This book does have some good information. It goes on to talk about apt vs dorm living. About your various expenses. It talks about cheap forms of entertainment.

However they even talk about finding a job when you finish school. They also talking about maintaining a long-term savings account and investing - while still a student (oh I laughed until I practically cried on that one...).

I think the problem lies in that they tried tried to do to much in one book. They try to cover way too much ground. If they want to right a book about saving money and funding your education they should have done that. If they wanted to write a book about searching for a job when you are done of school they should have done that. The combination of the two is annoying and just doesn't work.