When I checked the mail today there was a note and a donation bag from Goodwill again. Oddly enough I was just talking to someone at work today who knows about my last experience with Goodwill (I accidently tossed in a new pair of jeans, luckily I'm cheap and they were $20 jeans). So I nabbed the bag and now I have to purge things. And in case anything was wondering, I don't feel guilty about nabbing it before the neighbours got it. They have a car. They can drive their crap to Goodwill. :) I'm just not sure I have a whole lot to send to Goodwill this time around. I did a pretty good purge last time and I've tried really, really, really hard not to buy more crap. Unlike the last time I had tstuff to give away a quick look around this time doesn't reveal anything on the surface that has to go. Maybe I'll dig through my sewing/knitting box and find some stuff to donate??? (Unlikely)

On a side note - only three episodes of the West Wing left. Sam was back last night being all Sam-ish. It was great. :)