New Food Frontiers

I just did something that I'm both excited about and scared about. lol

Can you guess???? I bet you can't! Cause it's not something that I've ever really talked about here or anywhere else but it's been on my mind for *months*.

I just signed up for biweekly organic vegetable delivery!!!

I first heard of such services about 4 or 5 years ago when I was working at the McGill bookstore. (Wow! Has it really been that long???) One of my fellow cashiers, who happened to share my name (not Zoe - the other one, lol), was talking about how she and her roomies got a box of food from an organic farm delivered on a regular basis (I think their service may have been monthly but I'm not sure). At the time she was complaining because they had 3 heads of cabbage and no clue what to do with them. They made soup and that took up one head but had no idea what to do with the rest. I looked up some recipes for her and passed them along on our next shift together. And then I stopped thinking about it.

But never completely. Every now and then I would google organic food delivery services just to see what was out there. Generally speaking the services seems like too much food for me or were just too expensive for my budget at the time. Shortly after I ditched the Roomies From Hell and got my own place I was doing some google and I found this service - Green Earth Organics. Every couple of months I'll look it up and stare at the page. And hem and haw and then decide not to do it. The organic part of it wasn't positively vital to me but it is nice, I'll admit. I love organic apples.

Today I looked at it and really thought about it. And then I pinged some friends of mine that were online and asked them what they thought of it. And the overall verdict was go for it. So I did. I originally looked at getting the small box once a week but I was a bit wary about that. So I decided to opt for the family sized box biweekly (I figure I can always "upgrade" to a smaller weekly box after I see how it goes.)

Why did I do it now and not months ago? A number of factors. One is that I've been buying most of my fruits and veggies at the St. Lawrence Market (my local grocery store sucks). Don't get me wrong, I *love* the market. But with summer on the horizon I want to be able to not have to spend almost every Saturday lugging a backpack full of veggies back to my place on the streetcar. My local butcher does also sell organic veggies but I really think that this box is a better deal and it's probably a better bang for my buck than a trip to Whole Foods.

Secondly, work really has gotten busier lately. To the point where I've had to work a weekend here and there. And that means no veggie expeditions. Also since work has gotten busier I've been eating poorly. This past week hasn't been as bad as the previous two weeks but to be honest, that wouldn't be hard.

So I figured I have do something. So this is what I came up with. I figure it's best to start with a biweekly plan to a) see how well I'm able to incorporate these fruits and veggies into my diet and b) see how I deal with it financially. Personally I think around $100/month on fruits and veggies sounds about right.

I'm not sure if my delivery will start this week or next week. But if it starts this week I think the only question is this - what the hell am I gonna do with 1 lb of beets?????

Edit: There appears to be a problem with their online sign-up so my order didn't go through. I left a message on their machine today so hopefully they will get back to me tomorrow morning. If not I'll call them again in the afternoon. Since delivery day for my area is Tuesday I'm not sure I'll make it for this week.