Have you ever suspected that Kraft Dinner (or Kraft Mac n Cheese for you weird Americans) didn't really contain cheese? I may have proof.

Piper - the cheese goddess - refuses to touch it. She turns her nose up at it. She will eat Cheesewiz. She'll eat that weird cheese jalapeno dip that Tostitos makes. She'll eat every cheese know to man from goat cheese, to triple cream Brie, to stilton with cranberries, to Cracker Barrel cheddar. But Kraft Dinner??? No way. Not gonna happen. She'll look at you condescendingly as if you say "You can't fool me!" and walk away. Her verdict is that it is not cheese.

I think I'll take her word on it.

(Yes, I'll give the Piper/cheese posting a rest for awhile after this, lol.)