For crying out loud

People if you take your dog to down to the beach and you *don't* want it to run into the water I know of this wonderful thing called a LEASH. Use it.

I just took a stroll down to the beach (good grief I am in awful shape and I don't want to think about how long it would take me to get ready to start running...oy). Some woman *freaked* because her dog ran into the water and stood on the boardwalk yelling her head off at her children to stop the dog before it got to the water and then yelled at them to get it out of the water but do not get in the water themselves. *eyeroll* It's called a leash lady - use it.

Another guy in a business suit kept growling at his dog each time it got more than two feet away from him telling the dog not to go near the water. If you aren't going to let the dog get more than 2 feet away from you anyway why not actually attack him to the leash you are carrying in your hand. It only works if you actually attach it to the dog...

People are stupid.