Burlesque! Oh wow!

Friday night I actually went out. Yes, I know. You are stunned. I've been a bit of hermit lately.

Friday night I went out with some people (hi people!) to see a burlesque show put on by the Shameless Dames. It was called "Apocalypse oh wow!" It was a big ole celebration to the end of the world. There was dancing, there was singing, and since we're talking burlesque here there were boobies and pasties!

It was a really fun experience. Surprisingly afterwards I did not have an overwhelming urge to run out and buy new undies. But again, this is me so of course there was at least one moment in there I said "I need to get me a pair of those!" Oh and Skeet, if you are reading this I figured out a way to spice up those white cotton undies - sew a few rows of white fringe on them. ;-)

The low points - and trust me they were low - really were the special guests. The comedian *BOMBED*. Completely and totally bombed. It was sad. It had someone at our table ready to yell out "Get naked or get off the stage!" Sadly she restrained herself. The other guests - a very, very loud band. They were young, they sounded like they wanted to be Nirvana. I've never seen people making so much noise look so bored. They played right after the intermission and as a result I had a headache for the whole second half. But they had a female drummer which I thought was cool so I'm cutting them some slack. The kinda low points, also in the second half, were a weird eating contest and a bit of a theatrical performance (ie no boobies) which may not have been horrible but it was late in the show, people were loud and drunk and you couldn't hear a darned thing they were saying.

High points - boobies and pasties! lol Alas, there were no tassles. We were hoping for tassels. The troop had a lot of energy and they were really entertaining. And I believe this is pretty rare for burlesque but there was a male performance! He even did a cartwheel! Um, the guys still shudder a little at this - get over it already - and cartwheels always impress me because I can't do one to save my life.

And Lee, I know you are reading this and I'm about to say something that will make you really like these chicks (and guys). They had a fundraising event for a local food bank and the prize was a $50 gift certificate for a tattoo. Sadly I did not win. Had I won I might have been tempted to get another tattoo. But I didn't win and the urge has passed (I'm starting to seriously think about getting my navel pierced again though...).

So that was it, my first burlesque show. I'm really finding this whole revival of burlesque quite interesting and it almost makes me wish I was still in university and had to write an ethnography because I think it would be a damned interesting subject.

End note: I was cursing the Shameless Dames yesterday morning because I had "You gotta accent-thu-ate the positive, E-lim-inate the negative" running through my head for several hours.