So last week on my extra day off, somewhere through my ramblings in the Beach (that's the official word - it's going to be "The Beach" not "The Beaches" on the signs) I bought tulips. I've been buying tulips rather often lately. I can't help it. I just like their tulipyness. Oh...and they happen to be pretty darned cheap right now too.

The last time I bought tulips I only got two bunches but I decided that wasn't enough (vase not full enough) so this time I bought three. I got two yellow bunches and one white bunch. All of them were closed when I bought them.

Yesterday (or last night I guess) the yellow ones started dropping petals and continued until I trashed green binned them this afternoon. (During they day petals would randomly fall and fascinate my cat...although that may have been because she was drugged out on catnip). Oh yeah...and I was right - one of the yellow ones *was* a parrot tulip.

The white tulips still aren't fully open.

Weird tulips.