Speak *trigger*

speak laurie halse andersonSpeak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, has been awhile since a book drew me in like Speak did. It felt good to fly through a book.

I've had this on my list of books to read for months after it popped up one day in my Amazon.ca recommendations. Then Denise mentioned it in her books for girls post last month and I bumped it onto my request list.

I was wary about this book. It has trigger potential. I've had the book checked out for awhile but work has been stressful for the last few weeks so I figured that picking this up when I was strung out wouldn't be wise.

Speak lured me in pretty much immediately. It kinda surprised me because the paragraphs are very short and it's almost stream of consciousness. You are very much in her head. But it worked really well for me. The author gives Melinda a very strong voice.

As Denise mentions in her post it is a tough read. But it's a good tough read.

I borrowed this book from the library and my favourite part was getting to the last page and seeing that previous readers had turned blank page facing it into a pseudo-bathroom wall. And now I'm off to look up the number for a local crisis line to add to that page (even though it kinda goes against my writing in library books rule) because, well, some girl reading the book might need it.