Note to self…

I have to go to the dollar store at some point this week and buy aluminum pans with covers. I'm craving casseroles. Craving casseroles is an odd thing for me although it does happen from time to time. I did not grow up eating casseroles. Did anyone just fall down??? You see, my family ate meat and potatoes (along with a vegetable) almost every night. Or some variation of meat and potatoes - sometimes it was fish and chips, lol. It was very rare that the pattern was changed. Sometimes my mother would make a big batch of pasta sauce (err until I got older and started doing it better than she did). On nights like that she and I would eat pasta and my stepfather would eat meat and potatoes (he really didn't like anything other than meat and potatoes). Sometimes on the weekends I would make pizza. My mother might eat part of it but mostly it was just me. (I'm very thankful that my mother did let me experiment in the kitchen when I was younger - I like meat and potatoes but not every day.)

I don't think I ever tried a casserole until I was in my early teens (honestly! We didn't even make shepards pie at my house!). By then my older sister had moved out and had embraced them. To be honest, I wasn't crazy about them. And I'm still not a huge fan of them. I'm really not used to using canned ingredients. Almost everything at home was made from scratch.

Through the years I have found a few casseroles I like, especially hashbrown casserole (also called Cheesy Potatoes by Calleen). But there's still a problem - casseroles make too darned much food for one person! So my solution? Split it between several aluminum pans (buy the ones with covers) and freeze them. That way I get casserole without having to eat the whole darned thing. ;-)

So I'm thinking that next weekend I may stock up on ingredients and make a couple of casseroles to pop in the freezer. Or maybe I'll give one to my friend who can't cook to save his life.

And now I'm going to go back to trolling for recipes on the iVillage message boards. I haven't done that in *ages* and I've already found a few I want to try in the next few weeks.

So many little time...