Honey We’re Killing the Kids

Despite the fact that I felt horrible on Monday, having worked with a migraine and having a really stressful day overall, I stayed up long enough to watch Honey, We're Killing the Kids on TLC. A brief description from the show's website says:

Honey We're Killing the Kids! offers a startling look at the causes of America's childhood obesity epidemic and issues a critical wake-up call for parents. In the series, nutrition expert Dr. Lisa Hark shows how everyday choices can have long-term impacts on children, and offers both the motivation and the know-how to help turn these families’ lives around.

I had to let this sit for a few days while I digested it. I think at the foremost I think that three weeks is really too short of a time to tell if the family is really going to stick with it. How many people do you know that have done diets for a few weeks and then totally dropped off of them?

Secondly - in regards to the episode last Monday - I think that having them make tofu for dinner on the very first night of their new meal plan was just about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I know adults who won't touch the stuff (see Kyle's comment here about a tofu recipe that I posted). Expecting three kids who are used to eating total junk to dive into a plate of tofu stirfry is a stretch.

Thirdly - at no time during the three weeks when she was giving the family their weekly tasks did the expert recommend/prescribe/whatever exercise for the kids or the parents! Yes, the mother did join a gym but it was her choice to do it for her "down" time.

Fourthly - I'm not really sure what I think about leaving all the junk food that they pulled from the snack cupboard in easy access (and I can't believe how much junk food they had!). I get the whole learning to resist bad food thing and learning to make good food decisions but part of me feels like they were just setting the kids up to get in trouble.

Finally - I didn't like to host. It didn't seem as though she was very involved. On one hand that's probably a good thing because the family really is responsible for their actions and activities. They really did seem to be mostly doing things on their own. But on the other hand, it really didn't seem like she had a connection with the family other than walking into the house for 10 minutes a week and telling them what to do. And I just didn't like her. She just seemed very cold.

I'll be very interested in seeing them do a follow up show.