My Sandwich, My Love

You all must have figured out that I have a slight addiction to the wares of the St. Lawrence Market. I made a new discovery at my favourite bakery there, the Stonemill Bakehouse. This place is often a mob house. It tell you it's *crazy* on Saturday mornings. It's the reason I've started going there earlier and earlier in the day. If you get there too late you are often SOL when it comes to the truly yummy stuff.

As I mentioned before I'm really not into sweets. And that includes pastries. Every now and then I'll get a craving for either. But my real love is bread. I love good bread. The smell of bread baking is one of the best smells in the world. It reminds me of the infrequent occasions when I was a kid and my mother actually had the time to bake bread.

As much as I love bread I've never been a big fan of sandwiches. I hated taking sandwiches in my lunch (they were sent with me in the mornings and returned with me at night - eventually my mother gave up as it was a waste of food and money). And especially of sandwiches that were made of bread that had stuff in it. Flax seeds, grains, etc are ok but nothing that had raisins or fruits or large nuts. I just never liked it.

But for some reason I felt compelled to pick up some Cranberry Pumpkin Seed bread this past Saturday. It just looked yummy. And it sounded very Thanksgivingy. What else could I do but buy some smoked turkey to go along with it from Scheffler's Deli? And what kind of sandwich doesn't have cheese? And what goes better with turkey than Swiss cheese? So some Emmental cheese was added to my order as well.

I came home and stuck the bread in the fridge so that it would go mouldy on me. My apartment tends to be overly warm by times drastically decreasing the shelf life of bread. Plus it was bakery bread so it generally has a shorter shelf life anyway.

Somehow I managed to wait until Monday before diving into the bread. The loaf was little so I ended up cutting off about 1/3 of it and slicing it in half horizontally. While I was pulling the turkey and the Emmental from the fridge I suddenly remembered I had a bottle of Kozlik's Clobbered Cranberry Mustard that I had bought awhile ago and not used yet. Could there ever be a better reason to crack the seal? I think not!

So I assembled the sandwich, slathering both slices of bread with the mustard, putting turkey on both and then the cheese in the middle. I then cut it in half and popped it into the microwave for 25 seconds to warm it up a bit. I didn't want it to be all melty, just slightly warmed.

There it was. A sandwich made completely with stuff purchased from the market.

It was time for the first bite.

Sheer perfection.

If it's possible to be head over heels in love with a sandwich I'm ready to elope with this one.