Some days you just need a giggle

I wasn't having a bad day. Work went well today. I'm getting the hang of this new project. I had to run out after work to return some movies. I was annoyed by the Toronto Star's front page which said, on today, International Women's Day, in very LARGE letters "Women Increasingly Alone!". Like that's a bad thing? The fact women like myself CAN do it alone is a very positive thing. hmph! (I didn't buy the paper, maybe it's actually a positive article, they didn't bother putting it on the online version so I don't know but it didn't seem so positive to me).

I had to stop and buy kitty litter and while I was there I picked up one of those cloth tubey things (kind of like this but open on both ends and has rustley material that makes noise). It was only $7 and I haven't bought her anything other than a toy mouse in a long time.

I brought it home and Piper promptly ignored it. So I used my secret weapon - catnip. Of course that peaked her interest and she was rolling around in it and attacking it and being a general psycho kitty (her psycho kitty phase also includes meowing at the walls - she's weird). It was a good laugh. And then she tried to run though it by diving into it. That ended up up with her front end in the thing and her butt out of it. hahaha On another attempt she was actually able to make it through and I think that confused the heck out of her. lol

Now she's in her sleepy drugged on catnip phase and sleeping on a pillow on the futon. In other words, our world is back to normal.