Wonder When You'll Miss Me

Wonder When You'll Miss MeOnce upon a time on a not so chilly winter day I was early getting somewhere. I'm either late or early and it's all because the TTC does not run on any sensible schedule. Since I was early I popped into Chapters to do a bit of browsing. There was a "Discover New Authors" table and on it were oodles of interesting looking books. Unfortunately I had neither pen nor paper and at the time did not think to make a list on my cell phone. So I made myself remember one title from the table and this is the one that I remembered.

It's an odd little book. Faith is gang raped, tries to kill herself, ends up in a group home for 7 months, loses 45 pounds (no longer the "fat girl") and then tries to go back to life as normal. You enter the book during the trying to return to normal phase and everything is slowly revealed. But nothing is normal. Especially when you still see your inner Fat Girl everywhere and have conversations with her (although not always out loud because there are people around). Faith goes for retribution, in a rather violent manner, and then runs away and joins the circus (and no, not as a freak). As always, accompanied by Fat Girl.

I found it a bit slow to get into but not slow enough to think about putting it aside (which I've done with a lot of things in the last week - like Fork it Over - it was boring). Reading this book felt like being in a very strange dream. As messed up as Faith is I kinda liked her. I feel as though I've known someone like her. Or maybe I've known lots of someones like her.

All in all, a strange but interesting little book.