Mount TBR update

I'm hoping that if I actually post what I'm planning to read I may actually finish a book. I feel as thought I've been very unproductive in terms of reading lately. I've started several books but they just haven't been able to hold my attention. So here's my line up for the next few weeks (or at least until I go to the library again to pick up more holds):

  • Curse of the Narrows - Laura M MacDonald (I started this awhile ago but put it down and haven't picked it up again but I really want to finish it because it's rather good)

  • The Story of a Life - Aron Appelfeld

  • A Map of Glass - Jane Urquhart

  • Balancing Act: a Canadian women's financial success guide - Joanne Thomas Yaccato

  • Surprise! You're wealthy: a woman's guide to protecting her wealth- Patricia Lovett-Reid

  • The Man Who Ate Toronto: memoirs of a restaurant lover - James Chatto (the same guy who wrote The Greek for Love)

  • The Lady and the Panda - Vicki Croke

  • Julie and Julia" 365 days, 524 recipes, 1 tiny apartment kitchen: how one girl risked her marriage, her job and her sanity to master the art of living - Julie Powell (I want to read this now, hmph, but other books need to be returned to the libary soon)

  • Credit Card Nation: the consequences of America's addiction to credit - Robert Manning.

Hmm for someone who said that she doesn't read much non-fiction I seem to be doing a good job of it lately - there's only one fiction book on that list. How did that happen? I have a few fluffy books sitting around here somewhere that I'll probably through into the mix when my brain needs a break.