Moving to the county

No, I'm not moving anywhere. But some days I think I ought to move far away where I can buy acres and acres of land and keep Stupid People off my property. With electric fences if necessary.

I grew up in the "country". Kind of. I didn't live on a farm or anything and there were only a few on my road. But there were more a mere 10 km away. I grew up with a lane-way that was about 1/4 mile that I had to walk twice every day - once to get to the bus and once to get from the bus back to the house (let me tell you that SUCKED on many a day in winter). I'm generally used to only having to deal with neighbours when I really wanted to but at the same time somehow those neighbours everything about me including my itinerary for both the past and future week. Seriously, people know everything. Of course you generally knew everything about them so it all kinda balanced out unless you were like me and didn't really give a crap what your neighbours did so long as they left you alone.

Generally speaking you knew if you neighbours had annoying habits but you often didn't have to deal with them unless you chose to.

But in the city things aren't that simple. I live in a house that has been converted to three separte units. While I'm never really forced into contact with my neighbours I'm never really far from them either. I live in the basement unit and I have my own entrance but it is shared in the sense that right outside my door is the laundry room. So I deal with laundry noise (and occasionally subwoofer noise) but for the most part that's it.

The other things that we all share - the mailbox (no issues here) and the garbage. The garbage is proving to be an issue. Because apparently going out the door and around the corner of the house to the garbage can is too much of an hassle for my neighbours. They prefer to stand on the porch and throw the bag into our teeny tiny alleyway. And then they let the bags sit there until I put them in the garbage can and drag the garbage can to the curb or on very rare occassions they do it themselves.

There are three or four garbages bags out there right now. The first one appeared a week or so ago. They've been accumulating every since. I'm so freaking sick of cleaning up after these people. So I emailed my landlord. There was a similar situation shortly after I moved in. The culprits were the people who lived immediately above me. So he knows it's not the first time it's happened. I told my landlord that if the mess was still there tomorrow morning I'd clean it up but that I was getting really fed up of cleaning up after whoever it is that is making the mess (I also pointed out that it not me as I don't generate enough trash to warrant one large green garbage bag let alone 4).

Seriously how hard is it to put your trash in the trash can?

I don't deal well with other people's messes. I think something like this is gross and it attracts stray animals, squirrels and if it were warm enough for them - bugs. I don't *do* bugs.

So days like today when Stupid People irritate me I think I should move to the country where I can isolate myself from all these Stupid People. But I know better. In a city when you meet a Stupid Person in the street and you never see them again. Or in the case of neighbours you move to a different building and you never see them again. But in the country, when you run into a Stupid Person they are your neighbour and you can't get away from them.

I'll stick to city life. But someday I may be the crazy lady on the street who is yelling at the top of her lungs. About the Stupid People. Cause they've driven her insane.