So yesterday I was sitting here reading or watching tv or something and there was sudden thump over in the corner. It disturbed Piper and she did her great horned owl impression. Turns out that some of the plastery type stuff that is supposed to hold up the cupboards fell down. I'm not overly concerned about it but figure I should probably let the landlord know and then remember to put the smoke alarm back up before he comes over or sends anyone over to look at it (I got fed up a few weeks ago and ripped the stupid thing down because it goes off every time I use the oven). Really not my fault at all therefore nothing to feel bad about at all.

Then today I cleaned. I even mopped the floor. I never rarely mop the floor. I mopped myself into the bathroom and took a shower while the floors dried. I get out and I walk to the kitchen to get some water when I realize that there is a chunk missing out of one fo the ceramic tiles in the floor. This is new. Totally new. Not missing this morning new. No idea how it happened new. Totally noticeable as well.

Damn. This is something I do feel bad about and I'll likely have to pay to have ift fixed, assuming of course that the landlord has an extra tile or two lying around somewhere.