Oh yum!!!

So about a week ago I saw this recipe for Tuna Crusted with Wasabi Peas on Stephen Cooks. It intrigued me. So when I was making my list for the St. Lawrence Market on Friday night I added tuna and wasabi peas to my list.

Yesterday when I was at the Market I bought some sushi grade tuna from Mike's Fish Market. It wasn't cheap. I don't normally spend $13 on fish for myself for a single meal and I picked out on of the smallest pieces of tuna they had! But was it ever worth it! (And I must say this is a looonng way from the days where I had a strict $4 limit on meat for meals - if it cost more than $4/serving it was totally out of my price range - as much as I hate money, sometimes it's really nice to earn a decent salary). And really, $13 isn't all that bad when you stop and think how much I'd probably have to pay for this in a restaurant.

Crushing the wasabi peas was fun because I had received a mortar and pestle for Christmas and this was my first chance to use it. Piper was fascinated for a whole two seconds until she realized that was I was doing had absolutely nothing to do with cheese. She did freak when I took the tuna out the fridge. I love my cat but not enough to share that yummy tuna with her.

I have to say that tuna was absolutely delicious. The peas were a nice crispy coating and the tuna absolutely melted in my mouth. It was the best, splurgiest thing I've made in a long time. I did not make the dipping sauce because I didn't have sake or mirin. But I will definately have to pick some up because I *will* be making this again.

Sooooooooo good.