So I'm awake and in a fairly good moodb. I had my Satuday Shower (I was going to post about Saturday Showers but not feeling it so much now). I did all the moisturizing stuff. Put in my contacts. Went to my bedroom. Went to my dresser to get my new jeans.

They aren't there.

Check the laundry. They aren't there either.

But another pair of jeans that are similar in colour that I thought I gave to Goodwill are.

I gave my new freaking jeans that I've worn once to Goodwill.


This is why I buy cheap jeans. Can you imagine how much of an ass I'd feel like if I had done that with a $200 pair of jeans? (Not that I've ever paid that much for a pair). No, at least it was a pair that only cost $20.

And now I have to finish getting dressed and go to the mall before meeting the mommies and Dav to look for a pair of jeans. I bet I'll have to upgrade to a $40 pair because the other ones were on sale.