Other Stuff

Yes so in other stuff...

My lower back has been owie for quite a while now. So I decided I really needed to take some of that money out of my savings account and buy a proper desk chair. So I did. Ok well "technically" I ordered it on my credit card (which I wasn't supposed to touch remember?) and then transferred the money from my savings account to the credit card. The chair arrived today (amazingly not during my phone meeting or while I was eating my lunch). About 30 minutes later it was assembled. I only almost hurt myself once! There were wheel issues...as in they popped off because they weren't on far enough - the instructions sucked (and that's far funnier if you know what I do...). Anyway, it's all assembled now and I'm sitting up properly and hopefully it will help my back and yes I know I should have had one of these months ago. I actually got a pretty good deal on this one. It's an "executive" chair and it's blue suede and will attract cat hair like crazy and is big and looks totally huge in my itty bitty apartment. But it's comfy. And it's mine. And it's was on sale and I got free 24 hour shipping. :D

Umm yeah other stuff. I'm meeting the mommies and Dav tomorrow for lunch. Oh wait...I need to email them and find what time we're meeting. I should do that now... done. :) I haven't been to the market for a few weeks. I need to make a list of what I need to buy. I think I'm ok for coffee for at least another week. But I need veggies. And some munchies for the Oscars. And maybe I'll pick up some seafood. The market is the only place I feel comfortable buying "fresh" seafood (I come from an island - my idea of fresh is out of the water that morning, most likely removed from the ocean by one of my relatives).

I thought I had something else but apparently not. I'm sure it will hit me shortly after I turn off the computer and settle in with a glass of wine, a book and a movie.