Yoga Update and stuff

The laptop is in the process of dying. I'll be getting another one in a week or so - after we get stuff published at work. Posting will be sparse because lappy is going to be napping a lot.

Yoga - I'm on track. I haven't missed a day in my challenge although there have been nights were I've literally almost fallen over doing it because I was tired. Well partly because I was tired, but also because I have a really bad sense of balance.

Also, yoga isn't quite so relaxing when your cat is either a) bumping into you because she wants attention or b) thinks that it's playtime and that you are actually playing with her. And why is it that she seems to think that it's ok to lie beneath me while I'm doing downward dog??? As well, yoga is not relaxing when your upstairs neighbours are having a fight and stomping their feet and slamming doors.