Size 12 Is Not Fat

size 12 is not fatHave I ever mentioned I'm not good with mysteries? I think it's the whole lack of patience thing.

Anyway, Size 12 is Not Fat is typical Meg Cabot - fun, fluffy, not exactly plausible. But still fun.

I suck at figuring out who the bad guy really is. I'm distracted by bright shiny objects. But I was right! But then I changed my mind about who the bad guy was. It turns out that my original hunch was right. The moral being go with your gut.

Next up on my list is Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs. Despite the fact that I don't do mysteries forensic thrillers are different, especially when they involve forensic anthropologists. (I entered a contest to win dinner for two with her - some of you will know why this is funny.)