Yay fluff! And I'm not talking about yarn! Chicks with Sticks

chicks with sticks it's a purl thingIt helps when I post this on the right blog...lol! I did mention I was really tired this weekend right???My brain is so much happier now that it's had a fluff infusion. Although apparently not working so well since I posted this on the wrong blog originally.

Chicks with Sticks is a young adult novel by Elizabeth Lenhard about...you guessed it - knitting. I took up knitting about 3.5 years ago. I was bored, I had two tv channels and after going through a phase of intense overtime at work I suddenly found myself uncertain as to what to do for 4 hours every night. Learning to knit gave me something to focus on. Of course I rarely finish a project. I've been working on the same project for about 1.5 of that time. Umm I will finish it eventually....

So um yeah, Chick with Sticks. Four teenaged girls suddenly find themselves fast friends after they discover knitting and KnitWits (don't let knitters fool you - they are witty people!). There's teen angst, there are parent issues, there are identity issues and what would be a YA book without boy issues??? It's fun and it made me haul out my knitting to do while watching Sunday Night TV.

I fell short of my 3 books for this weekend though. But 2 is better than none. And thanks to this bit of fluff I have a happier brain and my fingers are itching to touch some wool. Who knows, someday I may actually join a stitch and bitch.