The Panda Lady

lady and the pandaRuth Harkness was a heck of a lady.

And before this book I knew nothing of her. But now whenever I see a panda I'll think of her.

That being said - I struggled through this book. I often found myself impatient with it. I'm not really sure if it was the book or just my general mood the last few days. I've been quite tired and the story wasn't moving quite fast enough to really hold my attention the way I wanted it to. So I was feeling quite frustrated.

Whatever the case, it didn't really grip me. But Ruth Harkness was a heck of a women so on that alone I think people should read this. It's sad to think that someone who held the attention of the world and causes so many front page headings and multiple appearances in Time should have faded to such oblivion.

And now I'm off to read a bit of fluff because that is what my brain seems to be calling for.