What happened?

So when I moved to Toronto a year ago I had a *lot* of time on my hands, especially before I discovered the library. And I spent a good chunk of that time watching Food Network Canada. But lately...lately I haven't been watching it too much. I do not really enjoy "Restaurant Makeover" or "Behind the Bash". I like shows that are about, you know, people cooking. And I avoid Rachel Ray like she's the plague (cause, really I think she might be...).

I just took a look at a few of the new upcoming shows. And I can't say I'm overly impressed...

Food Jammers - "Meet the masterminds of creativity and construction as Food Jammers explores the lives and creations of three everyday guys coming up with ingenious designs for their own culinary contraptions." No thanks.

Jamie's Great Italian Escape - "In Jamie’s Great Italian Escape, Jamie Oliver heads to Italy in his camper van in search of the country's gastronomic heart." Maybe. I like Italian food. Although I'll be most inclined to watch this because the last series his I watched, the one where he was working in the public school, is the only show that I've seen on the Food Network that comes with an explicit content warning. He swears a lot. I find this endearing.

Just One Bite - "For some families, meal time is a hassle, stressful or just plain boring but it doesn’t have to be. Just One Bite is a brand new Canadian series for parents who are tired of eating chicken nuggets every night because that’s what their kids want." Meh. I foresee children having temper tantrums on this show. It sounds like something I'd want to avoid. I'm really not their demographic.

Kylie Kwong: Simply Magic - "This new series sees Kylie traveling to China for inspiration for her cooking, to the boomtown city of Shanghai and the former British colony of Hong Kong, where she meets many who share her passion for food." This has potential. It sounds interesting and I'd learn stuff. But I'm not familiar with Kylie Kwong so there is the potential she could annoy me with would negate any interesting content.

And in the returning series...
Iron Chef America - I have to keep a close eye on this because I want to see the episode with Susur Lee (I think he takes on Bobby Flay but I'm not positive). I had the opportunity to eat at Susur and it was fanfreakingtastic.

License to Grill - the food looks good but I don't have a grill therefore won't try anything.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares - I'll pass.

So yeah...not really anything to get excited about. What happened to the Food Network as it existed even a year ago????