I'm tired but my brain isn't...

So um yeah, I'm tired but my brain is going full speed ahead. It's in one of those phases where it keeps wanting to think about things but at the same time my ability to concentrate is zilch. Don't you love it when that happens?

One of the things that it's stuck on tonight, as it has been many nights, is the idea of getting a second job. Yeah, yeah I know you are all say "noooooooooooooooooo bad idea". But here's the thing. I'm BORED. Bored, bored, bored, bored, bofuckingored. The last two months at work have been *painfull* because I've had so little to do. Always the promise of more and then nada. Or very little. Last week I picked up an extra project. It took about 2 days to do it. In reality it probably only took me a bit over a day to do it in full but I was working on other stuff in between and I stretched it out for as long as possible. I still got in way before it was due (like as in a week before). I've gotten several thank you for this. It was too easy for me to think much of them (in several ways, rather similar to stuff I used to do in my old job which was both freaky and oddly comforting at the same time).

The second reason that I'm thinking about this is that I need to get out of this freaking apartment and be around people before I turn into a crazy mole person. Don't get me wrong, I like my job. And I like being able to work from home. Working from home has many benefits. I can wear pjs and ratty jeans and tshirts so save oodles on clothing (even when I spend $40 on silk pjs - I'm entitled to a splurge every now and then) because no one ever sees me. I get out of the house a couple of times a week. Most often to go to the library or grocery store. About once a week I do things with real people (ie friends) but it's normally only for a few hours. And that doesn't always happen once a week. I'm concerned I'm turning into a subterranian mole person. Now all that's not to say that I don't interact with people on a daily basis, 'cause I do, but it's primarily online and less frequently via phone. And yeah, walking is good but um...it's cold outside and I don't *do* cold. Especially when it involves getting out of comfy pjs where it's warm and into bulky clothes and going out where it's cold.

Now in most cases when I leave the house it involves me spending money in some form. Not crazy amounts of money but it's kinda sad when the only reason I leave the house is to spend money. If I got a second job I'd get to go out of the house and *earn* money. Yes I know I could move and get a roomate and in theory save more money (although not a hell of a lot) and be around people but since I work from home roomies are not convenient (plus I don't know many people) and if I were given an adult report card it would likely say "does not live well with others" because I generally don't. And with my debts - extra money is good.

Now I'm not talking about going nuts and getting a whole second full time job. I'm thinking something with minimal hours. Cause this really isn't about the money. It's about getting muy butt out of the apartment. And by no means would this involve the food service industry (been there, done that on many levels and will only go back to it under the most dire of circumstances). And most certainly not a bar (you all know you'd be making bets on how long before I hit someone over the head with a bottle). Even working a minimal number of hours at a not great wage, if I were to put all that money on debt (minus expenses like public transportation etc where required) I'd get a lot more debt cleared out of the way quickly. Or even a lot more in savings if I did it half and half.

But this is what stops me. While I've been going stark raving mad the last couple of months with nothing to do there are others that I know of (on different projects) who are working insane hours and have been for weeks. Seriously, a coworker of mine put in 40 hours of overtime last week alone. She knows how long it takes to generate something at 2am vs at 4pm. Granted she is working on a massive book that is about 8 volumes and several of those individual volumes are over 1000 pages. To put that in perspective, the biggest book I've done lately is 330 pages. So it really is an extreme project.

Tomorrow I start a new project. Maybe that's all I need to get out of the whole bored part of my funk. And I'll have a better idea after tomorrow of the hours that I'd need to dedicate to this project. And really, I'm far more productive when I'm working with something that has a shorter deadline than something that is miles off. I never was one of those people who could right a term paper 3 weeks before it was due. And in terms of just generally getting out of the house, although I keep telling myself I'm going to go inquire into how much a gym membership costs I've been saying that for a month now and still haven't done it (I'm not sure if this is a general lack of motivation to workout or a lack in desire for yet another monthly bill...).

I'm in a funk. And my brain wouldn't let me sleep before. Maybe it will now. sigh.