Self-imposed lock down

That's what I did this weekend. Well sort of. I did go outside a number of times yesterday to run to the corner store, the dollar store, the library, the mail box. But really it was all very productive. I got three important pieces of mail sent out yesterday (all financial) and I think I found a service to use to file my taxes (I've done them on my own in the past but am wary about doing it this year due to moving, a number of jobs, etc). I also got a lot of must needed cleaning down. Dust bunnies grow at an alarming rate around here.

Other than that I've been reading a lot about personal finance stuff this weekend. I'm reading a book that is both Canadian geared towards women. I'll review it on my book blog in the next few days. Things actually make quite a bit of sense now which is exciting and rather scary. And I have a hand cramp from taking notes. Yes, I'm being old-fashioned and taking notes by hand. I never really got comfortable taking notes on a computer. It's too hard to get comfortable and find ways to balance both the laptop and the book. And it would feel too much like work that way. There was something vaguely comforting about it thoguh. It reminded me of my student days.

So yes, I haven't done anything exciting this weekend but I was producive, got some important errand run and I learned something. Not bad. Oh and I did work for a bit today as well.

Now I'm chilling out with some Grey's Anatomy, to be followed by some West Wing. And I suppose I ought to find something for dinner.