When knowing it's the right thing isn't enough

How many things do we know are the right thing to do and don't do them? I eat fairly well, could be better. I could eat less carbs. I am NOT anti-carb nor do I advocate a low-carb diet. Carbs are my life. That's my problem. Even if they are largely good carbs they could easily make up 90% of my diet. To be honest I don't know how much of my diet they are - I just know it's a lot. And I need to eat more protein. And vegetables. I do ok with fruit but I could do better. Oh and calcium - I need to get better at taking my calcium pills because most days the only calcium I get is the bit of milk in my coffee and occasionally cheese. *wonders when the last time I took a calcium pill was and then decides it's best not to think about it* Basically I need to do better with everything that's *not* carbs.

I drink lots of water. A few years ago I didn't. It was really something I only switched to after I moved. But as result I drink less milk (see above comment on calcium...oops). I think it helps that I work from home so I'm always close to a bathroom. I have being out in public and having to pee every 30 minutes. It's highly inconvenient.

I generally get plenty of sleep. At least I do when not being kept awake by subwoofers. And I tend to go to sleep at the same time most days. And on the weekends I don't often find myself sleeping in too much. If I do it's because I'm *really* tired or migrainey.

Then there is exercise.

And exercise is my Waterloo. It defeats me.

You see, I *know* I need to exercise. Probably more now than ever since I work from home and have gotten increasingly sedentary. Back before I had the futon I used to yoga with some degree of regularity (there were phases) but that died early in the new year. Now I'd not only have to clear stuff up off the floor (I really need to get an end table or something to pile this stuff on) but I'd have to move the futon as well. Yep, it would only take me 2 seconds to do but in my mind it's a big obstacle.

There's walking. That's how I used to get most of my exercise. Not having a car makes it easier. But since I rarely *have* to leave the house now...well let's just say I don't. Especially since it's winter. True, Toronto winters have nothing on Montreal winters. And I used to walk to the bus everyday in Montreal. But I HAD to. I don't have to now. I don't do cold. I'm not a cold person. I think people who do winter sports are insane. It's COLD out there!

So yeah, the working out at home - so not happening. Even having an achey back that would not doubt benefit from some movement and stretching is not enough to motivate me.

So there's the gym option. My rule for gyms is that they have to be close to me. As in within a few blocks. I have one that fits that criteria. After talking about it for more than a month I went to check out how much it costs. It's actually pretty good. Decent price. Includes classes and some other stuff. Great hours. But still I hesitate. Why? All kinds of reasons.

Money. I can "afford" it. But I feel bad spending money on a gym. It just doesn't seem like it should be a priority expense EVEN THOUGH IT WOULD BE GOOD FOR ME. And even though I complain that most days I leave the house only to spend money (usually not a lot) if I were to join and go to the gym, technically I'd be spending less money each time I go (because the more you use it the less it costs per visit). Also, while I have a decent pair of running shoes I'm a bit lacking in other work out clothes. I would likely need at least one pair of workout pants and maybe a few shirts/tanktops. And if I'm going to do anything high impact I'd need at least one new sports bra.

There's my laziness factor. By nature (or nurture, I'm not sure which) I'm a rather lazy person. I generally prefer to sit on my butt and read. So I worry that I'll join and then not go. And if do that it goes back to money. Since I don't have to go out the house this would be a special trip type thing. I'd be going out with the sole purpose of going to the gym. Would I do it? Hmmm I'm doubtful.

And finally there's the intimidation factor. Gyms intimidate the hell out of me. I'm a scrawny girl. Always have been. I'm incredibly unathletic and uncoordinated. Back in elementary school when we used to do the Canadian Fitness Test I never failed but I often just barely passed. As a kid I was never really encouraged to anything that involved me being active, it was preferred that I sit quietly in a corner where I was out of the way.

Weights scare me. Machines scare me. Athletic people scare me. Everything scares me about the gym. It doesn't help that there was a time or two when I've been at the gym and had the term "anorexic" hurled at me. Gyms are scary.

But I know that I really ought to get over all of this and just go. Metaphorically flip the bird at the above, not give a shit and go. Easier said than done.

So what do you do when knowing that it's the right thing isn't enough?