A prediction of sorts

Endymion SpringI heard about Endymion Spring today and I'm predicting that it could be the next big children's book.

From the Random House website...

"You've stumbled on to something much larger than you can possibly imagine."

In the dead of night, a cloaked figure drags a heavy box through snow-covered streets. The chest, covered in images of mythical beasts, can only be opened when the fangs of its serpent's-head clasp taste blood. Centuries later, in an Oxford library, a boy touches a strange book and feels something pierce his finger. The volume is blank, wordless, but its paper has fine veins running through it and seems to quiver, as if it's alive. Words begin to appear on the page--words no one but the boy can see.

And so unfolds a timeless secret . . . .

The author was on the radio earlier today. If someone reminds me I'll put a link to the piece tomorrow. He goes into it in a bit more detail and it sounds really interesting.

The book is being released in Canada on March 28th (in both hardcover and paperback) and you can order online from either Chapters or Amazon.ca. It's not being released in the US until August.

Now, do I buy it or do I wait for the library to finally order some copies and reserve it???