From the page to the stage: The Good Body

The Good BodyOk, I started this post awhile ago and couldn't get out what I wanted to say. Forgive it's suckiness please. It's been a messed up week.

Last week I read The Good Body. Also last week I saw Eve Ensler perform it on stage.

I actually didn't know that she had written the play until I heard something about it on the radio last Monday morning. So I promptly went online and ordered myself a ticket (and due to Murphy's Law got invited to a party for the same night an hour later and had to say no which was a bit of a bummer).

I need to start off by saying I have not seen The Vagina Monologues so I will *not* be doing a comparison of the two.

Now then, I bought a ticket for the cheap seats. Someday I'll splurge and buy the primo seats but tonight I didn't. And it worked out very well for me. It turns out that show was not sold out so they told those of us in the nosebleed section that we could move up the orchestra seats. So I moved from my second balcony seat in the corner in the second to last row in the entire theatre (value about $30) to an aisle orchestra seat in the fifth row from the stage (about $80 value). SCORE!!! In my original seat Ensler would have looked like a toy doll. In my improved seat she was delightfully life size.

Even if I hadn't gotten the upgrade I would have been fine with my seat. Had I paid $80 to sit in one of those falling apart seats I would not have been impressed. The theatre was in truly bad shape. I had heard that they had just spent a chunk of change renovating it. If so I don't know where the money went. There was a BAT in the theatre. A B-A-T. As in with wings and flying and swooping. BAT. Inside the theatre. It disappeared before Ensler came on stage but made a brief cameo during the performance. A BAT. Ok, I think I've gotten that out of my system.

The performance was really good. I think it might have been better had I not already read the book because I knew what was coming. Some bits would have been far funnier had I not known.
I always have difficulty reading plays. I never really enjoy them. To me plays are meant to be performed, not read. And no, I don't perform them to myself. I'm a horrible actor.

It was so different to see this performed on stage. It just simply lived. And I'm happy to have seen it with Ensler performing.

It's was really interesting. I think for anyone who has struggled with body image or anyone who knows anyone who has it will strike a cord.

I think my only itty bitty complaint is that in this look at body image and weight there really isn't any mention about the people who go in the opposite direction and suffer from eating disorders where they starve themselves. I kind of understand why she didn't want to do it, since it didn't really seem to fit with where she was headed. But at the same time she managed to make women who undergo laser treatments to make their vaginas tighter work. Maybe she could identify with the tightened vagina ladies but can't identify the eating disorder women?

But there is one point on which I agree with Eve. Bread. I'm not giving up my bread. Bread = life. Right Cat?

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