Mmmm pie…

According to Denise
and Slashfood it is Pi(e) Day. Apparently one of the clubs at U of T is also selling pie today as well (for $3.14 you get 1/6 of a pie).

Pie always makes me think of my mother. There were two baked goods they were almost always present in our house they were biscuits and pie. Most often apple pie because my stepfather liked apple pie (with a slice of cheddar cheese on the side - very important). I've always been more of a berry girl. When I was younger it was blueberry pie. Now it's strawberry pie. Mmmmmmm berries. We all had our own pies that we favoured. I was on a pie lemon meringue pie kick for years (minus the meringue). My sister M also like the strawberry pie. One of my brothers liked coconut cream pie, another liked banana cream pie. Yet another brother would only eat pumpkin pie if it didn't have any spices in it (yes, I'm aware that he's weird). There was a lot of pie in our house.

I remember one type of pie that I don't recall anyone else making - cranberry, apple and raisin pie. It's very tasty. I tend to call it "Harvest Pie" because it just sounds (and tastes) autumny.

My mother made all these pies. But she's not only known for her desserts. My mother makes the *BEST* turkey pot pies ever. She makes them individually sized. Everything is made from scratch. The turkey is roasted and we have a meal off of it. Then everything gets thrown into her big "jam pot" (so called because it's mostly used when making jam). Lots of turkey and potatoes and turnip and carrots and lots of chicken stock. It all simmers down into a thick stew or as it tends to be called in our house - the gravy (why? just cause). While the stew is stewing we roll out the pie dough and line the individual sized disposable pie plates (tart dishes?). Then we fill them up with the "gravy", top them off with more pie crust, trim the edges and them put in the freezer to flash freeze. The end result? A few dozen absolutely delicious individual turkey pot pies. I haven't had one of these in years. One of the real downsides of living so far away is that I rarely get such goodies. My former brother-in-law was addicted to these things. He'd get in the middle of the night and put one or two of them in the oven for a midnight snack. These things took 30-45 minutes to bake. That's some real dedication to midnight snacking if you ask me.

Often there's more gravy then there are pie shells so we'll take what is left and put it in a small roasting pan. Then it will be topped with biscuit dough and put in the oven for an extra special pot pie. Actually this type of pie reminds me of my grandmother because she used to do it quite often with beef. But oh so yummy.

Pie. PEI. Home. My mother's kitchen. My grandmother's kitchen. Pie.