A year ago, on the second Thursday in February, I got up at 6am and did the last bit of packing that had to be done. By 7am I was done and had showered. I ran to the corner, to the Couche-Tard, to buy croissants and juice for my movers. They showed up just before 8am to start moving my stuff. After a week of warm weather, the temperature had dropped and the snow was starting to softly fall. By 9am were finished and on the road to their next stop. I'd fly out that evening and my furniture would arrive the next day.

After the furniture left the cats were allowed to explore the vast emptiness of the apartment. I did a some paint touch ups in the bedroom. I ate lunch and then took a nap on the loveseat which was staying with my roommate. Then it was time to do a final check to make sure I had everything packed.

A look out the window showed that I would taking off in what was looking to be a snowstorm. I hoped that I would not have trouble getting to the airport and that my plane would leave with minimal delay.

Cat and Shawn showed up on time. We quickly threw myself, my stuff, and of course Piper in the car. By this point the snow was really coming down. We got onto the highway and not only was there more traffic than we expected, but we were going at a snail's pace. It took twice at long to get to the airport than we had planned on. I think we might have hit 70km/h once on the whole ride (which is still way below the speed limit). The airport was mass chaos. No one was being allowed to park on the side at departures. Police/security was waving us on. Shawn pulled over anyway and we had just enough time to get me, the cat and my luggage out of the car and I gave Cat a quick hug and they were gone. It was, in the words of Shawn, a clusterfuck.

I struggled but managed to get myself, my cat, and my two bags, plus carry-on, inside. I used the autoticket machine and progressed to the line. I was in the line for almost an hour. Time was starting to get tight. My large suitcase was a pain in the butt due to the fact that it's kind of broken. It kept falling over instead of standing up. I was getting tired but trying not to move around needlessly as I did have a cat with me and she was horribly confused.

I finally got to the counter and checked my baggage when the agent gave me shit for not having pre-purchased the pass for my cat. I *knew* they could do it there because that's what my roommate always did with her cat, plus her dad used to work for the airline so she knew what the deal was. Just as the counterlady was about to tell me that I was going to have to go somewhere else, well actually she had gotten the words out of her mouth, the woman beside her said, "We can do that here." I loved that woman. I was tired and really stressed by this time. The counterlady grudginly let me pay there. So both Piper and I got our boarding pass and on we went.

Next stop was to go through security. I got put through quickly because my plane was leaving very soon. I had to take Piper out of her carrier in order to go through security which was a pain cause she immediately turned into velcro-kitty and let me tell you, trying to get a cat back in a carrier in an airport security check is simply not fun.

I finally get to my gate and my plane has already started boarding. I had to squeeze myself and my cat into between two people. That was not fun. I hated that I had to put Piper under the seat but at least I got to bring her on board with me and she didn't have to go in the baggage area.

The flight was uneventful but the arrival in Toronto was interesting. When I rescued Piper from the underneath the seat in front of me I discovered that the flight scared the crap out of her...literally. And she got sick. She was a sad, sad looking cat (actually, she was one freaked out looking cat). So as soon as I got out of the plane there was an emergency pit stop in the bathroom (stealing the handicap stall) to clean her up. Luckily I always travel with a travel-pack of baby-wipes. I got her a bit cleaned up and then it was off to wait for the luggage and text message my new roomie who was waiting to pick me up.

Luggage arrived, finally, and out the door I went. My new roomie was there to meet me and Piper. As many of you know, this was the first time I was to meet the roomie (in case you were wondering it was the psychotic pothead). Off I went to the new apartment, which was the first time I had seen that as well. I met the other roomie. I got inside my new room. I let Piper out to explore (and further cleaning). I got Piper settled with a litter box and some food. I inflated my air mattress (double-sized, I like to stretch out), curled up on it with a book and Piper let myself destress a bit. Then I passed out for the night.

I had done it. I was there.

My furniture would arrive the next day. I would start unpacking and I settling in. In a new city. Where I knew only a handful of people. And I had no job.

A new chapter in my life. I had no idea where the next year would bring me or what I would do.