Not too much happening here right now. Unless you count the 4 loads of laundry i've done today. That still need to be put away but I'm not going to worry about that so much right now seeing as the last load is still in the dryer. I have a lot of handwashing that needs to be done though - blah.

I actually have stuff to do at work now. Yay! It's a nice change from the past month or so. Work is good. I'm going far less insane now.

You know how in movies they always show the royal pets lounging aroung on pillows? Yeah well Piper has decided that's the life for her. She loves the new futon but more than that she really loves the pillows on the futon. She naps on them constantly. She even sleeps on them at night when she's not hanging out in my bedroom window or at the foot of the bed. So much sleeping. Must be nice a life...