It made me hungry: The Greek For Love

The Greek for Love by James ChattoThe Greek For Love made me hungry. And it reminded me of Under the Tuscan Sun.

A young couple spends summer in Corfu. Couple goes back to Canada. Couple decides they want to live in Corfu so they buy a wreck of house that needs to be completely restored. They begin to restore the house and start their family in Corfu. And they talk about food a lot.

It's fair to warn you that there is tragedy. I knew what happened before I read it although I didn't exactly know the when and the how. It was sad and the sadness did not help my already raging headache.

And as I mentioned, it made me hungry. I'm soooo craving feta and fresh tomatoes, and olive oil, and souvlaki, and freshly made crusty white bread...

This if the first of the books nominated for the Charles Taylor Prize that I've been able to read. I'm also part of the way through The Curse of the Narrows.