Various updates

Bedroom is looking more bedroomy and less like it threw up all over itself. Although I really have to start planning these things. All the dust that was in there has me all stuffed up and my eyes are itchy. I'll take some Benadryl before bedtime. Kit-Cat suggested I buy a mask since dust seems to bother me so much but I keep forgetting. Three boxes of junk have been emptied. Most of it was paper clutter, some of which needs to be filed, most of which went into a box to be recycled and is now sitting in the laundry room. I have an ikea bag full of donations for Goodwill and a few other odds and ends that will make it there as well. The furniture arrangement is growing on me. It really does make the bedroom look a lot bigger. There's actually floor space. I don't know that I'll get much more done tonight but I'm pretty happy with what I got done so far.

Now for fun stuff. I got mail today! And not a single bill! Wow!!! Of course 2 of the 4 items were more or less junky stuff. But the other 2 were not.

I got a "just 'cause" card from Young Anthony. :) I'm afraid I don't have any beer right now Young One. But I could have a glass of wine. But darn it I really want a beer now. ;) I miss you too. And damn Hallmark for thinking that only guys drink beer. Hmph!

The other non-bill I got today was a gov't cheque. Yay GST cheque. This will be one of the last ones I get for awhile (I get one more...maybe two...). This is actually one I was supposed to get in October but for some weird reason they sent it to my old address in Montreal instead of Toronto. Now I have to decide whether to stick in my savings account or on my credit card. Seeing as my savings account is my digital camera account at the moment I'm pretty sure I know what Denise and Cat will say. ;-) Especially as I've pledged to match whatever amount is in there with my bonus when I get it next week.

Speaking of which - I may be revising what I do for my "splurge" item with the bonus. I'm going to wait and see how much it ends up being before I say anything that you guys try to hold me to. But I can tell you that it's neither underwear nor shoes.