Too much stuff

It's official. I have too much stuff. My apartment is small. I need to get rid of stuff. End of story.

What prompted this? I wanted to move my bed. My bedroom is small. The way that the bedroom was set up it was impossible to sweep under the bed. I have a fluffy cat and forced air heating = lots of dust. After a great deal of struggle I did finally manage to get the bed moved (an interesting way to get a work out and an opportunity to swear a lot - great for venting some frustration). But now I really don't know where to put stuff (not to mention I really better like this set up because there is no way in hell it's being moved again). I just have too much of it. Soooooooooo my plan is to try to clear some junk out of the closet. And trust me, there's a lot of junk in there. I think I just need to trash a lot of it. After I clear stuff out of the closet my next step will to be organize it (shocking!) and try to fit my trunk into it. The trunk may be too wide. I really, really hope that it's not. There's really not enough room for it anywhere else. There's a dining chair in there I need to get rid of.

You know what the sad part is? Over the past year, with the last two moves I've gotten rid of *so* *much* *STUFF*. I can't even imagine why I had so much stuff. And where the hell I stored it.

My project for the next week = get rid of stuff. And to actually get it out of the house. I need to get a jump on this pronto as tomorrow is garbage day. :)

Now back to my regularly scheduled reading of overly technical documents.