Oh! Oh! Oh!

I just checked my library account. The Masque of the Black Tulip is waiting for me. I guess I should go and pick it up. But I haven't finished any books since the last time I visited. I don't know exactly what I did all weekend but I know that I didn't read. I guess I better get on that eh? But maybe I ought to wait a few days since I'm gonna want to read it immediately.

Curse of the Narrows has been bumped down the list - kinda anyway. I'm a few chapters in but The Greek for Love is due back on Friday. I'm going to put a push on that. Hopefully it won't be a heavy read. I'm going to keep picking at The Narrows but The Girls by Lori Lansen and Three Day Road: a novel by Jospeh Boyden are due next week and can't be renewed. I've heard a lot about The Girls and have heard several interviews and discussions about it. I'm rather curious about this damn kiss that they all keep mentioning. I'm concerned that it's going to be one of those "You are all raving over *that*?" moments. Will it live up the hype?

Ok, time for me to get reading.