Clean out the fridge day

I usually do this on Monday's but I thought that I would to it today. I had a few fresh veggies that were getting to the point where they were a wee bit past their prime. Luckily they were perfect for roast veggies. So in the oven I have an overly large baking dish of bite-sized carrots, celery, turnip, red onion and potato seasoned with sea salt, white pepper (my grinder sucks so there was no way I was going to stand there for three minutes grinding, yuck), and Mrs. Dash, and tossed with extra virgin olive oil. I'm cooking them at 375F. I'll check them after they've been in there for 30 minutes. I wasn't sure what I was going to eat with them but then I remembered that I have still have a pork chop in the fridge. Yay! I'll just have to heat it up in the microwave and dinner will be ready. :) Of course I'll have to figure out what to do with the leftover veggies. Maybe I'll make a frittata tomorrow...

Items in the fridge also asking to be used up are a block of asiago cheese, a package of silken tofu (I grabbed it accidentally instead of buying firm tofu darn it), various types of cheddar. In the freezer I have mixed veggies and a package of frozen asparagus. I have pasta in the cupboard.

I spent $30 at the grocery store last Sunday. I got frozen berries (I snack on them - a post to come on that some time) and tortillas, shredded cheese, salsa, tortillas, sour cream (I eat a lot of cheese quesadillas for lunch), some frozen fish fillets, tomatoes, cucumber, and potatoes. Oh and frozen pizza and a bag of lime tostitos. Since then I spent $7 on milk and bread. That's more than I spent the week before. I have plenty of food left in the freezer still. I shouldn't have to buy anything at all until next weekend. :)

I haven't really been doing a great job of food planning the last few weeks but I've been more conscious of what I'm buying and what I really need to buy when I go grocery shopping.