Linky Links

I'm not really coherent enough to really make a decent post at the moment. So here are some linky links. (Note the high Canadian content...)

Lucie Idlout - she's just fun and makes me think of my days when I wanted to be a rocker chick (I lacked the voice and any musical ability - but I had the attitude). I actually may have to track this one down for my "I'm-angry-and-I want-to-kick-some-ass" days.

Soulpepper - I think I'm going to try to catch The Importance of Being Ernest.

Library Romance - I mentioned the book on my book blog. But you can check out more here. Too bad they stopped collecting stories about having sex in libraries. I could have contributed to that.

Men who knit - I don't know a single man who knits. That's kinda sad. More men should knit.

The Walrus - It's Canadian. It's a magazine. It talks politics and stuff.

Flirty Girl Fitness - Pole dancing 101 anyone? How about a strip tease workshop?