oh geez

So yeah, you know how I was all responsible and took a chunk of money from my bonus (most of my bonus actually) and put it on a credit card? The credit card company's response? A payment holiday and a credit increase. hahahahahahaha! Little do they know of this little plan of mine to be all responsible and shit. Their plan to make me spend more is thwarted. If I were the irresponsible type I could book a round trip flight to PEI on there. But I'm not gonna. I'm not even tempted to. So hahahahaha to them.

Shall we start making bets on how much the credit on this card will increase between now and when I have it paid off in full? They've increased it by at least $600 in the past year (possibly $800...). They tend to increase in $200 allotments if that helps anyone with their bets.

Oh and while I'm on the topic, I found this article about my generation being the debt generation. I dunno, I don't feel that bad for most people who run up credit card debt to buy *stuff*. The majority of my credit card stuff is from stuff like eye doctor appointments, new glasses and moving expenses. Now and then, yes I did buy *stuff* on my credit cards but I can tell you it wasn't an ipod or a big screen tv or a $200 pair of jeans. Hell, I didn't even buy underwear on my credit cards and y'all know how much I like my underwear (umm although that could be largely because I knew if I started doing that I might be able to stop and um, that would be BAD but at least I knew that right???). We all make conscious decisions to use our credit cards and we all have to pay them back. I *do* feel bad for people who run up their credit card debt, especially in the US, for things like medical expenses.

Overall I find that most of my friends are pretty decent at managing their finances. Most of them do not carry balances on their credit cards and any source of debt is largely due to either student loans or mortgages (we don't necessarily compare our incomes but we have been known to play the "my debt is bigger than your debt" game). Even most of my debt is from student loans - only about 5% of my total debt is due to credit cards and it's shrinking every month (as are my student loans - wheeeeeeee). Am I one of those people who are living like their grandparent's in the Depression? Hell no - I have a internet and digital cable and a cell phone. And no plans to get rid of any of the above.

And we can't blame "corporate America" for trying to get up to buy into the consumer culture. Because in the end *WE* are the ones that choose to do so. Or choose not to do so. Or whatever.