I'm getting the blues...

Well, a blues CD at least. So much for me saying there was nothing I wanted yesterday. lol

Last week I was listening to Sounds Like Canada on CBC Radio 1 and they had Matt Andersen on the show. Now, I really do rather like the blues. But I don't own any blues CDs. Which is not that unusual for me really as I rarely buy CDs (or download music for that matter). I'm really not a musically oriented person. But I can't get this music out of my head.

So today I figured out where his CDs are sold and I ordered Solo at Sessions not only making my statement that I didn't want anything from yesterday a lie but also breaking my rule of not using my credit card. lol In theory I could have had it delivered COD but that just seemed like way more hassle. I just have to remember to stick an extra $3o on my credit card this week. And the CDs don't seem to be carried in stores so really, what was a girl to do?

You can check out samples of his music here. His first album is sold out (One Size Never Fits). That's probably a good thing cause otherwise I might have been really tempted to buy both of them at once. If you do a search online you can find a few sites were you can stream full length songs.